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Health Certificates

Health Certificates

At Petzone Veterinary Clinic, we understand that if you’re planning to relocate abroad with your pet, obtaining the necessary international health certificates is crucial. Our dedicated veterinarians, along with our team of experts, are here to assist you in obtaining the required information and necessary documentation.

Each destination country has specific requirements for the entry of pets, which is why we recommend that you research and familiarize yourself with the requirements of your destination prior to your appointment. Alternatively, our knowledgeable team can provide guidance and support to ensure you have the necessary documents in accordance with the destination country’s regulations.

Our team is experienced in handling the paperwork and procedures associated with international health certificates. We will work closely with you to ensure that all the necessary documentation is completed accurately and efficiently, giving you peace of mind during your pet’s relocation process.

Trust Petzone Veterinary Clinic to provide the required health certificates for international travel, and let our expert team assist you in making the journey as smooth and stress-free as possible for your beloved pet.