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In-House Laboratory

In-House Laboratory

At Petzone Veterinary Clinic, our commitment to safeguarding your pet’s health is paramount. That’s why we have a comprehensive in-house diagnostic laboratory equipped to perform a wide range of tests on blood, urine, and feces.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to obtain valuable information about your pet’s overall systemic health and detect diseases or conditions that may impact their well-being, all without the need for invasive and costly procedures.

Diagnostic laboratory testing is especially recommended before dental or surgical procedures that require general anesthesia, ensuring your pet’s safety and providing vital insights into their health status.

The results obtained from our in-house laboratory play a pivotal role in accurately diagnosing or assessing your pet’s health. Our advanced equipment ensures fast and precise results, enabling our experienced veterinarians to make timely decisions for your pet’s care.

While our in-house laboratory offers comprehensive testing capabilities, we also maintain strong associations with external laboratories. This allows us to provide extensive services and obtain rapid results when necessary, ensuring your pet receives prompt and effective treatment.

At Petzone Veterinary Clinic, we prioritize the accuracy and efficiency of our diagnostic capabilities to provide the best possible care for your cherished companion.